What People Are Saying

about Tamaraloo Music

This woman’s musical talent is just about as legit as it gets.  Not to mention her complete “Mary Poppins” like patience with the littles.  My older daughter is going to play concerts someday…but right now has the attention span of a goldfish.  Tamie just stays calm (and firm) and gets things done, never losing her cool.  Then the next minute she’s catering to my (future Tony award winning) little daughter who has been singing with her since she was four years old.  I would not trust the musical futures of my children to ANYONE else – ever.  I can’t believe our luck that we found her!

Andrea F.

My three boys started taking group piano three months ago. I am SO IMPRESSED with how much they have learned in such a short time! They are confident and enjoy lessons and are eager to play for others. I recommend Tamraloo to anyone looking for a great music instructor!!

Audrey Tolle

I love Tamie! She’s an amazingly talented singer and an amazing teacher! I love the passion she he’s for music and watching her perform is so captivating! My kids love her in singing lessons and piano! My son loves taking piano lessons because of her!

Golnoush C

Cole is a wonderful instructor!

Aundria M

I took piano lessons from Tamie for 7 years from the ages of 5 to 12. She is an amazing, kind, and patient teacher, and I learned so much from her. I am so excited that her business is taking off!

Kaitlyn M

I can give more than 5 stars if I could.
My son has been with Tamraloo Music for 3 years and he love it! We also love the recital, so much fun for all ages. Tamie Crane is wonderful instructor! Highly recommended

Andrew N.

She is patient, encouraging, and my girls love her! When we were struggling with getting our youngest daughter to practice, she gave us tips that got us through that challenging time and now they both practice without hesitation.

Francesca L.

Tamie is just absolutely fabulous!!!!! One of the most genuine and loving people I have been blessed to meet. She will treat your kiddos as her own!! Love this lady!!!

Casey G.

I love taking voice lessons with Tamraloo! My niece also takes voice lessons and loves it. They really know what they are doing.

Sarah A.

I’m sitting in studio C waiting room listening to Cole’s lesson with My son. Cole is very upbeat and sweet with B. I was THOROUGHLY impressed with his enthusiastic teaching, how he explained new notes and chords, and his kind encouragement. He’s great!

Sarah F.

1 word.  Fabulous.  Great service and skill.  Thank you

Gio E.

Tamie not only has the voice of an angel, magical fingers that play piano beautifully, but she also has the patience that would put Mother Theresa to shame.  My son took group singing lessons with her in her preschool group which was the most precious thing to watch!  She is great with kids and delivers the lesson in such a way that the kids really do learn how to “change their voice” for real singing!  To this day my son still has the best singing ability in our family!  I definitely recommend you give her a try, you will not be sorry!  Kids love her for a reason!  She is the best!

Angi M.

Miss Tamie is as good as it gets!  My daughter loves going to group singing every single week!  She has fun, she gets to sing and learn. Tamie is FUN, silly, kind and patient.  Being a part of what she believes in and is SO very good at teaching the kids is something we feel privileged to be a part of.

Katie N.

My children have learned so much from her!  She is passionate and compassionate person.  She shows her love of teaching, children and music in her lessons and the rapport she builds with her students.

Jennifer W.

I took piano lessons from Miss Tamie years go and I know that she is an amazing teacher!

Mackenzie R.

My two girls  have been taking lessons at Tamraloo Music for the last few years and absolutely love it!  They have learned so much thanks to Tamie’s patience and their confidence has grown having to sing and play piano in front of peers and family during recitals. We love Tamraloo Music!

Lorrie R.

My girls love singing lessons with Ms. Tamie. They have grown in their confidence.

Sandra W.

I love Tamraloo Music!  Wonderful variety of classes from piano to vocal performance.  Miss Tamie and her staff are wonderful with the kids.  Miss Tamie is so positive and energetic…she is a joy!  My kids come home motivated and excited to learn more and practice their piano. Thank you Tamraloo!

Jane M.

Great place for kids to learn piano.  My son is challenged and motivated and enjoys practicing and going each week.

Stephanie W.

Tamie is the absolute BEST piano/music teacher you will ever have the pure joy of meeting!  My daughter has been taking lessons from Miss Tamie for a couple of years now, and at 7 years old is a truly amazing player, who has increased confidence as she continues to grow!  I am impressed with how upbeat and encouraging Tamie is with her students, while remaining firm and on task at the same time.  It takes a special talent to have the right mix of engaging personality and teaching, and she has that and more.  I recommend her to everyone I know!

Leah B.

Ms. Tami is great with children, my kids love her.  After a couple months my kids already started playing piano.

Hiba A.

Our whole family loves her professionalism and her caring and passionate nature!

Daniele M.

Tamraloo is fabulous!  Ms. Tamie is a wonderful teacher, a perfect mentor for aspiring musicans of any age. I love how talented, beautiful, and enthusiastic she is about music and what she does!

Amanda M.